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What is better between traditional education vs. online education to prepare for government exams?

Posted 18 January 23, 10:45 pm

In today’s world, technology has established itself in the education sector, and subsequently, numerous college students now prefer taking online classes rather than attending traditional regular classes. This is probably because online classes are advantageous for such students who plan to work and study simultaneously. 

Online learning has given many such people the opportunity to go back to studying without actually having to go back into the classroom. This kind of freedom gives many people of even ages the courage and zeal to return to studying. Even professionals working as a part of a particular organization would get the chance to study and acquire a new skill simultaneously. Online learning is full of opportunities for anyone who cannot fully commit to going and attending classes daily. 


On the other hand, traditional learning has the one-on-one interaction advantage that stands strong for years and years, even after so much development. Nothing can match an in-person interaction with your teachers regarding things you find unclear. The amount of discipline and organization that comes with practicing a daily routine of going to school or college is significant for any person’s individual growth. 


Now say you are planning to prepare for government exams; what should be the method you must opt for to prepare for them, traditional or online? 


As much as this question seems like a choice between both forms of learning, it really isn’t. Just like learning and preparing for any exams, not only government exams, this is a very subjective question and choice. Learning online could be one person’s preference, while someone else would do it traditionally. 


Online learning has immense advantages, as mentioned above. It is convenient, flexible, and extremely liberal. There is no restriction, and many things can be shifted per a person’s needs and convenience. If you are already working elsewhere and planning to prepare for government exams, then online studying is probably all the answers to your needs. You can get the freedom to manage your time, and with provisions such as recorded lectures, you can always go back and revisit any of them. 

Traditional learning is sworn by a considerable proportion of people and for solid reasons. No amount of online resources can duplicate and convey information like the human mind. It is one thing to have tons of online resources and article banks filled with so much knowledgeable data, but sometimes a teacher will understand and explain things much better. The way humans connect personally can never be replicated with virtual means. No matter how successful online classes may be, they will not duplicate the amount of learning and registration that one might do sitting physically in a class, surrounded by students. 


Coming back to our question now, which one to go for? Online or traditional? 


I think you should choose the one that aligns well with your aptitudes. If you seem to get easily distracted or need constant supervision while studying, then online classes wouldn’t really be the wisest choice for you. Government exams take strenuous preparation that lasts for months. So, if you’re someone that constantly needs that kind of reassurance from your teacher throughout the months-long process, you must stick with traditional classes only. 


Online classes must be considered if you plan to try clearing government exams and switching professions. They would be easier for you to manage; less commitment would be needed, and you will get to work on things and study after work hours. While you simultaneously get to work in your professional position, you can get the necessary resources to prepare for a government exam remotely. You will find the latest government job updates on sarkariresult. 


As much as both options seem attractive, the most significant factor, in the end, is the willingness and the effort put in by whomever is planning to take the exam. Anyone who is not willing to put in their 100% into working hard and preparing for the exam will not get the results they aspire to get, no matter what learning method is used. Online or traditional learning, your dedication, and contribution towards your goal matter most in the end.  

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