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Tormentation Definition in English [Word Meaning]

Posted 8 March 24, 6:03 am
Tormentation Definition

Tormentation Definition In English:

“Tormentation” is not a recognized word in standard English. The word may be derived from “suffering”, which refers to severe physical or mental pain, suffering, or discomfort. If you have a specific context or source where “suffering” is used, it might help understand its intended meaning, Tormentation Definition.

Tormentation Meaning:

“Tormentation” is not a standard term in the English language. It seems that it may be a combination or variation of the word “suffering”, meaning severe physical or mental pain or the act of being constantly troubled or distressed. If you have a specific reference or variation of the word in mind, let me know, and I’ll do my best to help!

Is Tormentation (pain) a word?

  • Tormentation Definition> pain, n. [18th century. …pain (1789)]pain, pain.
  • Simply so, what does it mean by pain? 1: extreme pain or suffering of body or mind: agony She clasped her hands together pitifully, looking like a soul in agony.u2014
  • What does it mean to seize something? 1: to lose or possess a right, especially because of an error, offense, or crime. 2: to be subject to seizure, as in confiscation: to give up, to give up. Confiscated.
  • What does it mean to live in pain? Use the word distressed to describe someone distressed about something. When you have to make a terrible decision that will hurt someone, you can say you are upset.

A Word Of Tormentation Definition:

Tormentation is a real noun – and it’s Scots English.

It means pain or suffering. It originated in the 18th century.

However, its first use occurred much earlier (about 1551):-

“The righteous man was being taken away from this life, that malicious or evil people did not repent or change their minds to give God violent torment;

(John Hamilton, The Catechism prescribed by Archbishop Hamilton, printed at St. Andrews, 1551; With the Two-penny Faith, 1559, Edinburgh: W. Paterson, 1882)

In case anyone is wondering, the current (simplified) model in linguistics regarding the origin of Scots is this| Tormentation Definition:-


What does “tormenting” mean about breaking up with someone?

Breakups are normal.

Let them go.

You choose if it will torment you or set you free.

Frankly, if someone made me miserable and eventually they left I would throw a party to celebrate my freedom from their toxicity.

Why be sad?

They are not happy with you.

You now have peace without them.

Relationships are so tiring sometimes.

That’s not the purpose of being in love.

Love is supposed to bring you peace and contentment, not trauma and pain.

Tormentation Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books:

1. “The ghost of social justice haunted him.”
-Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

2. “You are a delicious pain to me.”
– Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

3. “Crime brings condemnation and fear brings suffering.”
– Perry Stone, Dealing with Hindering Spirits: When the Battle Moves from the Natural to the Supernatural

4. “Give yourself as little pain as possible, then you will cause me less pain.”
-Franz Kafka quote

5. “In which language does it rain in the affected cities?”
-Pablo Neruda, The Book of Questions

6. “Suffered by a perpetual itch for distant things.”
– Herman Melville, Moby Dick: Or

7. “Don’t you know that there are spirits who continue to torment?”
– Quote by Gustave Flaubert

8. “The final painful, unanswerable question: What is ‘success’ in grief?”
-Julian Barnes, Levels of Life

9. “It was a silent anger that no amount of pain could tame.”
– Jack London, White Fang

10. “He had only the power to feel, and to feel was pain.”
– Ambrose Bierce, An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge

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