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What Are My Options if I Can’t Afford My Divorce Lawyer Anymore

Posted 9 May 22, 11:54 am

The divorce process can be financially challenging for anyone. If marriage is usually a planned occasion, marriage termination may happen abruptly giving you no chance to save some extra thousands.

But this is still not the reason to sit and cry ‘I can’t afford my divorce lawyer anymore’ and put your case on hold. Instead, your task is to explore the possible solutions and pick out the best suitable one to end your marriage efficiently. 

Opt for Amicable Divorce

The universal way out for most divorcees is to finalize their case peacefully. Then you can opt for online divorce Florida no court and deal with all the marital and divorce issues without the help of an attorney. Yet, this is only possible if you are ready to cooperate with your spouse and can come to an agreement eventually. Plus, uncontested divorce is hardly your option if you have minor kids or big assets. 

Anyway, even if your case seems to be simple, it is still recommended to get a general consultation with a professional at least, so that you can decide on what is best for your family without hesitation. 

Choose Limited-Scope Representation

When you understand that an attorney’s services are too much for you to cover but need legal aid with your case, you can choose limited-scope representation. Many attorneys are ready to help you settle only the separate most difficult points of your marriage termination and charge you appropriately. Mind that the rest of the case will be on you so you will need to invest much of your time and efforts, too. 

Reach Social Help

Having low income or special needs you can also reach for social legal assistance. This means you can use the services of pro bono attorneys the local social organizations can offer you. Contact your county or state Legal Aid or Bar Association and they will direct you to the divorce lawyers who can help you absolutely with no charge.

Considering the fact that pro bono attorneys are not numerous, you may have to wait in a queue or get assistance only if your case is simple and can be finalized quickly. 

Get a Court Appointed Attorney

You can also appeal to the court for a free attorney to be appointed for you. To qualify you have to provide evidence that you cannot afford the lawyer yourself and have a low income. Yet, even if the court grants you a divorce lawyer, they may only help you deal with the custody, for example, while the rest of the divorce points will be presented by you only. 

Make Your Spouse Pay

If your spouse is richer than you are and you used to be financially dependent on your partner, you can ask the judge to make your spouse cover your attorney’s fees. Your financial situation and the surrounding details will be revised and the appropriate decision will be made. Mind, that you will not get the help automatically but your spouse may oppose your request. Then the positive outcomes are not guaranteed. 

Borrow the Money

Another option is to borrow the money you need for attorney fees. You can ask your parents, other close relatives, or friends with the promise of when and how you are ready to refund. You can also get a bank loan, but remember that you need to have a trustworthy bank history to get your request approved.

If you know that you won’t have any sources of income soon and cannot cover your debts, you shouldn’t borrow any money. It is not the best idea to start a new page in your life from amassing debts. 

Do It Yourself 

One more cheap solution for your marriage is a do-it-yourself divorce. This means you have to invest your time and money, and even get generally educated in the field to bring your relationships to the end officially. For the primary steps, you can use official websites and divorce platforms so that you can obtain the forms and guidelines and file for divorce. If it is necessary for you to bring the case to the court, you can do self-representation meaning that you will present your divorce case during the trial on your own. 

Talk to Your Lawyer

If you understand that you haven’t got enough costs to pay your attorney when the divorce process is already running, the best option is to be fair with your divorce lawyer. Don’t hide your financial situation and wait till the last moment to announce your attorney they will get no payback for wasted time and efforts. The results will be far from beneficial and pleasant for you and your case. 

Instead, you should tell the truth as soon as possible, so that you can come to a compromise with your divorce lawyer. They can offer you installment payment, delayed payment, limited-scope representation, and other options for you to continue cooperation with mutual comfort.


Having no money to pay to your family law attorney doesn’t mean you have to pause your case or quit the idea to get divorced at all. You can search for free legal services, commit more to the process yourself to reduce the final cost or ask your divorce lawyer for the best solution. Don’t be silent or ashamed about your situation, but put in all efforts to deal with your marriage termination in the best way even experiencing financial hurdles.

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